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Our custom studies are geared towards those responsible for making color product planning decisions at hair brands. With salon closures in 2020, at-home hair color saw an unprecedented uptick with consumers DIYing their own hair color.

But which colors did consumers feel confident to try themselves? And, which dye techniques lived and died with salons? Riviter's AI analyzed over 3M images across social media channels to get you the answers to these questions and other insights pertinent to product planning and strategy.

Brand owners, Customer Insights, and R&D teams in particular are well served by our coverage of short term and emerging hair trends. If you have a color product planning meeting around the corner, we recommend our studies as a way to educate yourself on the changing landscape of hair trends in your market and audience and to equip you to flip the scrip on traditional color planning meetings!


What you will learn

  • Learn how consumer hair coloring patterns have shifted in response to COVID and what that means for your product planning.

  • Identify commonalities in your audience to narrow targeting criteria and right-size messaging.

  • Slice social data to tell the story of what your customers want and why!

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